5 comments on “On becoming a process person

    • I’m pretty sure you already have one! Digital photography is great like that – it’s easy to look back through past shots and view exif info to see how you did something and what the results were!

  1. Wonderful insight, Vicky! My favorite part:

    “The only person over whom you can have absolute control is yourself. You can decide what you want to achieve and you alone can go after that. No one else can do it for you. Yes, the people with whom you surround yourself can certainly help, but their help is often largely due to them supporting your process and respecting your focus. In the end, it’s all down to you.”

    This is what I need to do … decide what I want, create a process, and focus on what I want to achieve. I’ve always lacked focus because it was always geared to someone else’s success and happiness. I’ve found my happiness from within (finally), and now I am ready to focus on achieving my own person successes.

    Thank you for just being you and for being my friend. I always find inspiration …

    • Tammy, that focus is perhaps even more important inside of a relationship, where the tendancy is to lose yourself in the other person sometimes. John has nothing to do with how I feel about weightlifting; that’s a complicated dance between me and the bar that is very personal and completely me. If he vanished tomorrow, I’d keep lifting and refind my balance. Oddly enough, having this personal focus has knocked all other aspects of my life (work, marriage, etc.) into a very happy equilibrium. The trick is finding that focus, identifying how to proceed and then trusting the process. Then you get to experience that very real and freeing joy of living in the present moment…

      (And you’re a fabulous and steady friend, too. Never doubt your worth.)

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