8 comments on “The Christmas checklist

  1. I’m not even going to write a list like this until Saturday is over, when I’ve planned to do the bulk of the shopping. But next week has fewer holiday gatherings and events in it than this week (which has been insane) so there shouldn’t be a huge panic about the smaller jobs. I hope.

  2. We’re in pretty good shape here to Vicky :)

    Got the rest of the gifts wrapped, and the ones that had to be shipped to their destinations are gone, the cards have been mailed,

    All I really have left now is maybe a few more items to bake (bread for one),, have 3 things to pick up tomorrow and wrap them up (orders from sears and a bookstore that finally came in). and get a few groceries.

    All in all not bad at all :)

    enjoy the weekend !!

  3. Sorry Vicky, that last post went in as from MOM,, haha
    I had just posted on my daughter in law’s site,, forgot to change the name on here.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed! I’m making progress but not like you and I don’t have a small child in tow either.

    Driving home last night I noted that nearly every house seemed to be lit with Christmas lights – except mine. I have a ceramic snowman and three little art deco Christmas trees on the mantel. Does that count?

    I guess I’ll be busy this weekend.

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