8 comments on “You’ve heard of the Newfoundland Dog, but have you seen our pony?

  1. I have newfoundland ponies and i think anything, even this little blog thing is good for them because it would be a shame to see them go. i have about 12 ponies.

    • We are looking for 2 small ponies. Would prefer mares.
      We have a beautiful barn with lovely fenced meadows.
      The ponies will be for pets.

  2. Are you sure the above photos are of NL Pony’s. For one thing they look a bit to short and their characteristics are not the same. I have 4 NL Pony’s and would be happy to send you a few pictures for you to compare. These look like Shetland Pony’s.

  3. Are you sure there newfoundland pony’s they lok a bit like a shetland in a way. I have been studying newfies for quite a while but i have never came across ones like these.

  4. As a kid I adored ponies. In a stable, to where I often went to have a little ride. There was a Newfoundland pony, and it looked like a small horse in way. It wasn’t like that ponysh at all. But I think too, that the pony in the stable could’ve been a cross – which would be quite a typical case in the case of imported animals.

  5. Where have gone “the modern newfoundlandian group” – after a rocket-like beginning about two years ago – in the Facebook? -lol-

  6. guees what? im from nfld im in my living room right now in port aux basques ive seen a newfoundland pony they might be small but thier strong creatures they can carry five trailers with one pony.

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